Jerome Blanes researches history and has a great affinity with in particular the 17th century, Warcraft and the arts of Mars. Even though often focusing on European topics related to Amsterdam and The Netherlands' Republic, his research often brings him to [South East] Asia, Ottomania, The Middle East and The Americas. According to Jerome Blanes: "People who fail to see the connections between these parts of the world and their culture and history are simply unscientific. On the other hand, when something is in fact not connected, the only way of finding out is by researching it, not dismissing it.".
Music: Once a music collector and amateur musician, his first noteworthy publication was a biography about The Outsiders which has been distributed worldwide in Dutch and English. Sadly copyright of the work has been infringed and many have tried to attach their name to it for personal gain or reputation. There are several other music related publications but for now Jerome Blanes is not active in this field.
Martial arts: Jerome Blanes has studied and is a practitioner of several European Martial arts (HEMA and contemporary) and Asian fighting arts. Research and teaching is an ongoing practice. He also writes articles for several periodicals and helps other practitioners with their publications.
History: With a great affinity with Warcraft and the arts of Mars, Jerome Blanes' research touches anything that is related or is part of life of the people involved.
Motivation: A great love for art, the history of the printing industry, antique books, knowledge and the will to document exceptional events in history for the good of all of mankind and future generations. Although truly appreciating universities for the wonderful things they have done and the knowledge and collections they provide, Jerome Blanes is not trying to please them by following their rules of publication their students need in order to qualify. Instead he writes in a way which is readable for everybody. Having said so, he does provide historians with a bibliography of sources.


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Articles by Jerome Blanes in Seni Bela Diri Magazine

Amsterdammer/Londoner/Glaswegian Jerome Blanes has lived, researched and trained martial arts in Malaysia for many years. The Malaysian magazine Seni Bela Diri has published several articles over the last 10 years about Jerome Blanes, his martial arts and his book publications. But as of January 2015 it will feature an article every month from the hand of Jerome Blanes. Topics will be related to martial history, martial culture and martial arts. His articles for 2015 will introduce the Traditional European martial arts in a journalistic and entertaining readable manner.
The Seni Bela Diri Magazine is written in English and Malay and is available in printed form and now also in digital form. Please visit their website for more information.

Stavast - Netherland's Knife Fighting: Work in progress.

Status book: Following up on last leads. Research trip planned to Holland, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Presentation first dummy: March 2015

Expected publication: 2015

The history and culture of a typical Netherlands phenomenon: Bekkesnijders (Maul Cutters), a violent and crude traditional knife fighting art as practiced through at least 3 centuries with a full training manual describing the techniques and strategies.
As usual this project is a lot more work than expected. When information is required from people out in the field, things start to slow down and a lot of waiting is involved. Another time consuming exercise is the following up of all the last open leads. I always follow up on each and every one of them to make sure I missed absolutely nothing. This can take many months. It's the point where most researchers stop due to other commitments such as full time jobs, families and a lack of funding. I fully understand. However, I stop at nothing and simply add time to the project. Time is free, even if there is only little of it available. This is why on a good day I can walk in with a dummy and give the impression a book is about to be published and then disappear with it for a year. It probably needed some lose ends tied. This project is no different. But in March I will have a dummy, that is certain.

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PUBLISHED: Book David Cheah

Status book: Published
Publication date: November 2014

Jerome has helped out with the creation of the recently published book by David Cheah about Muay Thai Kick Boxing. David Cheah is a talented trainer who conducts classes and private tuition in Muay Thai and Kick Boxing in Malaysia. 

ISBN 9781291591835 
Published: November 2014 
Language: English
Pages: 179
Weight: 0.32 kg 
Dimensions: 14.81 cm wide x 20.98 cm tall

More information about David Cheah see: